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1. A Scout is Trustworthy:

-If you hold a leadership position, you are expected to fulfill the obligations of that position... not part of the time, but all of the time.

-Those who have positions of leadership are expected to attend PLCs.

-If you volunteer or are assigned a task, you are expected to do it.

-If allowed to leave the group, you are expected to take a buddy and return when and where you are told to....on time.

2. A Scout is Loyal:

-Remember that when you are on a Scouting trip, you are not on your own - you represent Scouting and are always in the public eye.

-Show respect for Leaders (boy and adult) and obey their instructions.

-Circle quietly when told to do so, perform assigned tasks, etc.

-Scouts will wear their class ‘A’ uniform to all scouting functions, unless otherwise told.

-Scouts will wear their uniforms properly at all times.

-Troop goals and needs come before patrol goals and needs.

-Resources of the patrols should also be resources of the troop.

3. A Scout is Helpful:

-Everyone helps with loading, unloading, setup, and take down.

-When returning to scout hut, all gear is to be ready for storing. Tents if wet are to be laid out to dry, then folded and put up at the next meeting. Tents are never to be put up wet!

-Personal needs and wants are put aside until Troop/Patrol responsibilities are taken care of.

4. A Scout is Friendly:

-Scouts in other units and our unit are to be considered peers in scouting, not enemies.

- Follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

5. A Scout is Courteous:

-No practical jokes (Hot feet, soap in mouth, etc,); no spit wads, water guns, rubber bands, or related incidents. 
-No campsite raiding. If the fun is not fun for all it is not the right kind of fun.

-No Cell Phones are permitted during meetings and are not to be used at camp outs. 

-No talking during announcement or programs, it only makes it more difficult to give you the announcement or program.

6. A Scout Is Kind:

-No one wants to get hurt, even by accident... no gambling, wrestling or horseplay at any time.

- Follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

-No bullying or hazing; no "insurance" or "licenses".

7. A Scout is Obedient:

-Stay with the group unless given specific permission to leave with a buddy by the adult leader In charge.

-If allowed to separate, stay with your buddy at all times - especially when swimming.

-Show respect for Leaders (boy and adult) and obey their instructions.

-Get up when told to, go to bed when told to and be quiet.

8. A Scout Is Cheerful:

-Bad attitudes (poor scout spirit) are not a part of the scouting way, therefore not a part of our troop.

9. A Scout is Thrifty:

-Patrol method is to be used whenever possible for the purchase of food for outings.

-Scouts are responsible for payment of fees if he says he is going on a outing and backs out after arrangements have been made.

10. A Scout is Brave:

-A scout should not be afraid to say "NO" to things he knows are wrong or feels are wrong.

-A Scout should never go anywhere with a stranger, regardless of what the stranger says unless pre approved by his parents or scout leader.

11. A Scout is Clean:

-No tobacco products at any time except for adults; who are requested not to use such products around scouts or while appearing in public.

-No foul/nasty language at any time... this includes Leaders.

-Use trash bags in the vehicles, and do not throw articles out of windows or on the floor of the vehicle.

-No glass containers in the vehicles.

-The trip is not over until the vehicles, and trailers, used are cleaned up, maintained, and all equipment is put away.

-Patrol areas should be kept clean and organized at all times.

12. A Scout is Reverent:

-All scouts are expected to attend religious services when on outings, when available, and act in a courteous manner during them.

-Scouts should be willing to help in religious service when possible.

13. A Scout is Safe:

-While in a moving vehicle, everyone wears their seat belt.

-No unlocking and opening doors while vehicles are in motion.

-Prescription and non prescription drugs and instructions for their use will be checked in with the adult leader In charge. 
  *Only Exception: Diabetics must keep their insulin with them.

-No illegal drugs are allowed.  (That could make an ill-Eagle)

14. A Scout is Responsible:

-Scouts are responsible for their scouting advancement records. 
  They should be sure all dates are correct and all counselors are approved by the scoutmaster and the troop committee.

-Scouts will not start on any merit badge without approval of the scoutmaster.

-If you hold a leadership position, you are expected to fulfill the obligations of that position... not part of the time, but all of the time.

-Youth leaders missing more than three meetings without calling or a valid reason will lose their leadership position.

-Any scout missing three or more meetings in a row without calling or having a valid excuse will be considered inactive. 
  Time for activity on their next rank will began when they become active again.

-All scouts are expected to be on time for the meetings and are not to leave until the meeting is over, without prior permission from Scoutmaster and parents.

-All youth leaders are expected to attend Patrol leader Council Meetings and Junior Leader Training.

-Scouts should take care of equipment, including furniture in Scout Hut. 

-Personal equipment or goods that are not yours, (Unless lost an you turn it in or return it) leave alone.

15. A Scout is Hungry:

Just Kidding................. But they usually are.

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